Snag Your Session

We're so glad you're ready to come see us!
We offer sessions in our cat lounge with our sweet cafe cats. We offer walk-ins during the week, but recommend reservations on the weekend.
We always recommend you reserve your time with the cats, to lock-in your quality time!

Need To Knows

Important information that protects our cats and you:
  • Because of current COVID guidelines, we are required to have a max of 14 People In the cafe at a time.

  • WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS FOR RESERVATIONS PAID ONLINE AS OF NOV. 2021. No exceptions. We use an online booking service that keeps fees, so when refunds are given, it's a loss for our rescue and small business. If you want to come but can't fully commit, give us a call, and we will add you to the schedule to pay when you get here, so that there is no loss on either end. 

  • Sessions are generally an hour long, but you are welcomed to stay as long as you'd like if we're not at capacity the following hour(s).

  • We recommend reservations but happily accept walk-ins.

  • Be prepared to sign an electronic waiver upon entry. 

  • After 30 minutes of delay, your reservation will be forfeited, but can be rescheduled within 30 days!

    • We know things happen, but we recommend you being early for your bookings!

  • We are now family-friendly and allow children in the cat lounge at all hours!

    • Please be prepared to fill out a minor waiver for your child (age 2+) and consider engaging in our cat petting exercise to see if they are a good fit for our space!​

    • If you have a child younger than 2 years, please give us a call. We can figure out a solution together! 

  • Please contact us by email if you cannot make reservations 24 hours prior to reservation time. 

Become a Member

Is it getting harder and harder to say goodbye to the sweetest cats in Knoxville? We came up with a solution so you could say "hello" more!
The 9 Lives Club offers you:
  • Unlimited Access to the Cafe each month!
  • 20% off Official Scruffy's Merchandise
  • 20% off Food & Drinks!
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Wanna Bring the Kiddos?

Children are always welcomed! We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly place, and understand adoption involves the whole family!

Kids will be required to join in a cat-care exercise for safety, where they will practice with a stuffed animal before-hand. Waivers will also need to be signed. We recommend practicing at home as well! 


Parents will be responsible for the safety of their children, and the well-being of the cats.

Any other questions? Call us.  (865) 540-6955

Planning a Party?

Every major and minor event in your life is better celebrated with cats. Get a promotion? Quit a job you hated? Getting married or turning a year older? We want to celebrate with you.

Groups of 7 or more are required to book as a private event. Groups can book after our 7 PM closing time starting out at 

$120 / hour. Groups can also book during our business hours, but must book out the cost of the entire hour. For more information and options on private parties,

click the button below.