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  • Does it cost anything?
    Scruffy’s Cafe has a cover charge of $10 during the week and $12 during the weekend. We need to be able to provide a loving space for our rescues while they wait for their forever homes. Please note that everyone in your party will be expected to pay the cover charge. 100% of adoption fees go back to benefit Young-Williams Animal Center and Feral Feline Friends.
  • Oh, no! I reserved online and need to cancel/a refund! What do I do?
    We will hold your reservation for up to 30 days after booking online. Please call or email us if you need to reschedule. We understand life happens. Since we keep our prices so low, and since our rescues have constant needs, WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS (active as of November 2021). We use an online booking service that keeps a portion of our fees, and it genuinely hurts our business and rescue to give refunds. If you want a reservation, and are not sure if you can 100% commit to your visit, give us a call so we can put you on the schedule instead, so there is no loss from either end.
  • Will you have kittens?
    Yes! We are partnered with Young-Williams Animal Center and Feral Feline Friends for our rescues. We foster both cats and kittens at the café, and will accept any kitty of any age into our care. We do typically announce when we have a lot of kittens in-house on our social media, so be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more!
  • Can I leave with a cat when I visit?
    All adoptions are done through Young-Williams Animal Center or Feral Feline Friends. If you fall in love with a cat while visiting Scruffy’s Cafe, you can apply online through YWAC or FFF. Scruffy's Cafe, YWAC, and FFF are constantly working together to ensure that same-day adoptions are possible! Please note that all adoption applications are still vetted, so it may take some time, and same-day adoptions can't always be guaranteed. Know that Scruffy's Cafe will do all we can to get your new best friend home as soon as we can!
  • Can I bring my cat?
    Unfortunately, no. Scruffy’s is a place to hang out with cats that need a home. Our cats are socialized with each other, and there are risks when introducing new cats.
  • What is your location?
    Scruffy's Cafe is at 1015 North Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917. We are so proud to call North Knoxville our home.
  • How are you adjusting to Covid-19?
    We’re doing everything we can to keep our community safe. To practice social distancing we will only be allowing 14 people in the cafe at a time. Due to the small group size, we’ll be reservation only while this is in place. We will be posting later today a link to our website so you can reserve your spot. We have hand sanitizer throughout the cafe and will be constantly cleaning. Your safety means everything to us.
  • Is it sanitary to have food and cats in the same space?
    Our food and drinks do not include cat hair. The cafe and cats are in separate spaces. All food is individually wrapped to further ensure sanitary measures.
  • Can I bring my kids?
    Yes, we love children! On any day of the week including weekends, you can bring the starry-eyed child in your life! Ages 2+ are welcomed any time. If you have a child younger than 2 years of age, please give us a call so we can work out accommodations. We pride ourselves on being one of the only family-friendly cat cafes, and want this to be a family-fun experience! We do have a kitty petting exercise, and will require the guardian to sign a waiver for the minor(s) in the party. Unfortunately, if we see cats being chased, pulled on, or other behaviors that could hurt or threaten the cats we would have to ask you to leave. Please use your best judgment about your children’s behavior towards cats. Although Scruffy’s loves children, we have to prioritize the safety of our cats and kittens.
  • Are your cats adoptable?
    Yes, all cats and kittens at Scruffy’s Cafe are rescues in need of their fur-ever home! Some of the owners’ cats may make appearances at the cafe from time to time (who’s excited to meet Midna?!), but all other cats are brought in by Young-Williams Animal Center or Feral Feline Friends so that they can go home with their new families.
  • What are the Cat Lounge rules?
    - You must sign our digital waiver prior to entry to the Cat Lounge. It's the only not-fun stuff that happens here. - There is a Private Kitty room for the cafe cats and Scruffy's staff/volunteers. We ask patrons not to go in there at any time. This private room is pivotal to our cats' saftey and health. - Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. - Please keep voices low. No yelling or screaming permitted at any time! We love that you're excited, but let's not make the cats nervous! - No running or chasing permitted at any time for any reason. The cats do enough of that. - No poking at or pulling on cats' tails, whiskers, or ears. You don't like it when your family members tug at your cheeks, either. So kindness is always key! - Please do not "roughhouse" with furniture and appliances. Our cats are not allowed to do that, either, so it's a fair rule. - Please give space and distance to cats who seem nervous and upset. Do not try to break up a "cat fight" yourself. You *will* get scratched. It's important to respect boundaries! - Watch your food and drink at all times! Please do not give the cats any "hooman" food, as this is a recipe for upset tummies. - Please notify a volunteer or staff member of any concerns at any time. If it's a concern for you, it is a concern for us, too!
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